• Conference location

    European Centre for Geological Education (ECEG), Chęciny, Poland

    • owned by the Faculty of Geology - University of Warsaw
    • located in the abandoned Rzepka Quarry of Devonian dolomites
    • established in October 2015
    • dedicated to geological courses and hosts several laboratories including palaeomagnetic laboratory

    Conference facilities

    • Large conference room - 240 seats
    • Small conference room - up to 60 seats
    • 6 meeting rooms – for up to 20 seats each
    • Space for posters at the lobby of the large conference room and at corridors.
    • Several laboratories including palaeomagnetic laboratory set in 2015 (MFK-1, MMTD 80a, low field cage, AMU+PUM 5, JR6a), rock sample preparation laboratory
    • Accommodation: 25 air conditioned rooms (2 beds), 60 regular rooms (2 beds) – total up to 170 guests in 3 buildings
    • up to 240 seats in the restaurant space
    • Local WIFI
    • All 5 buildings connected,
    • camp fire place, football court, “open air concert theatre”
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