Mid-Conference Excursion Chęciny Anticline – from Zamkowa Hill to Gałęzice – an introduction to the geology of the Holy Cross Mountains

          This field trip will present a thick Devonian to lower Carboniferous continuous succession formed during almost 50 million years. It will give an opportunity to observe the evolution of the basin related to fluctuating sea levels and changing tectonic regimes. Crossing the Chęciny Anticline from the south to the north, i.e., from the Chęcińskie Range to the Zelejowskie Range, we will see different sedimentary rocks, including transgressive sandstones, lagoonal dolomites, followed by carbonate buildups and coeval facies. Moreover, we will discuss the creation, growth and demise of the carbonate platform that developed in the area during the Devonian and its internal diversified palaeogeography. The last large outcrop of the excursion will be the impressive Ostrówka Quarry exploiting Upper Devonian limestones. Walking in the area close to the quarry limits should allow us to study a Carboniferous succession of clay-siliceous shales representing the Culm facies, as well as bioclastic limestones extremely rich in fossils including cephalopods, crinoids, trilobites, bivalves and corals.
          The excursion will visit several localities, both natural exposures, as well as active quarries. It will include short walks around Chęciny town, with a bus transporting us to more distant localities.

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